The Biblical Think Tank

The original version of “The Biblical Think-Tank” was created in 2006 while my wife and I were serving as missionaries in St. Vincent, West Indies. The goal was to make it possible for believers located 9,000 miles away in Papua New Guinea to be able to access the information & resource materials I had shared with them on a variety of subjects, during the 19 years our family lived in PNG. Intended to be a resource to assist our dear Papua New Guinean friends, it was-and still is-an eclectic mix of papers, essays, outlines, articles and notes on a wide variety of subjects, some by me and some by others. Placing the materials on the internet provided the additional benefit of also making these materials available to our friends in the West Indies region whom we came to know during the past eight years as well.

Obviously, this is a verybland” corner of our church’s website. There are no cool graphics, unless you think the light bulb fits that description. Instead, what you will eventually find here (if & when I finally get everything uploaded, hopefully in 2016) is simply a pile of papers and notes, organized by categories. That’s intentional. The “think-tank” is simply intended to be a resource for those who are looking for information on a variety of subjects from a biblical perspective. My prayer is that perhaps you will find something that will prove beneficial as you seek to follow Christ and God’s Word.

I have sought to address the respective subjects from a biblical viewpoint. You should know at the outset that I believe the Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of the living God. I also consider it the standard by which we discern truth from error & it is also where we can discover God‘s will on a multitude of subjects and issues.

I‘m very aware of how little I know and how multitudinous are the mistakes and errors that I continue to make (not the least of which are the grammatical & typographical errors that still reside in these notes in spite of spell-check and my best efforts at ferreting them out). As far as content is concerned, feel free to disagree with something you read here, but please be sure & do so on biblical grounds.

Think-Tanks” are usually organizations or groups of individuals that address subjects and issues, sharing their thinking with others. Obviously there is no group of individuals here. Nor is this a blog providing for interactive debate. So the name “Think-Tank” is probably a misnomer. But if something in this pile of papers proves to be a help to you or aids you somehow in your walk with Christ, be sure and give Him all the praise.

Because He lives we shall live also!” – John 14:19

Mike Edwards
Feb., 2016

CHURCH PLANTING & LEADERSHIP (Philosophy, Issues, Articles, etc.)
*ESCHATOLOGY (Bible Prophecy)

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