Bible Baptist Church


BBC has an active missions program supported through Faith Promise Giving.  Each year at our annual Missions conference we ask our people to pray and ask God what He would have them to give for missions for the coming year.  As God answers those prayers, we give and God provides.  Faith Promise Giving is currently allowing us to give 20% above our tithes and offerings to missions.  The missionaries that we currently support financially include:

  1. Javier & Rebekah Chacon family – Church planting, Pucallapa, Peru
  2. David & Annette Haag – Former Director of Tri-M, Kokomo, IN
  3. GLESM – Rwanda
  4. Regine Kaufield – Indianapolis, IN (Ret.)
  5. Robert & Jane Kilko – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Jewish Missions)
  6. Kim & Chris Kuhr – ODBM Asst. Dir., Greenville, SC
  7. Rachel Langendorfer, Chimbu, Papua New Guinea
  8. Dave & Elizabeth Mayner – Campus Bible Fellowship, Binghamton, NY
  9. Russ & Bianca McCrocklin family – Germany
  10. Joanna McFarland* – Children’s Bible Ministries of Virginia
  11. Phil & Debbie Melton – Church Planting, Seki, Japan
  12. John & Laura Niemeyer family – Church planting, Cleveland, Ohio
  13. Ryan & Joy Owen family, Church planting & College ministry, Ghana W. Africa
  14. Marilyn Pitzer – Bible Translation, Venezuela
  15. James* & Sandy* Spellman – Deaf Ministry, Morristown, MN (Ret.)
  16. Tim & Beth Tanner family – Campus Bible Fellowship, Utah
  17. Bill & Natalie Taylor family – Church Planting, Cleveland Ohio
  18. Warren & Lara Vergiels family – Brazil
  19. Dave & Michelle Wears family, Portugal
  20. Doug & Linda Wilson – Columbia, S.C.

Non-Financially Supported Missionaries Include:

  1. Yuri & Sarah* Alfaro – Church Planting, Cuenca, Ecuador

An asterisk next to the name indicates that the Missionary is sent by Bible Baptist Church.